Burn More Calories With Circuit Training

burn more calories

Circuit training or training exercises are done by training some workout posts will burn more calories. Combined Large this post is likened to a circuit. Each post has one exercise with a specific function and purpose. The purpose of circuit training is to combine cardio exercises and strength training to improve part of the body in stages and continuous. Circuit training can be done in the field, outdoors, or applying a machine for weight training.

Burn More calories With Circuit Training.

In the context of a runner, circuit training targets physical education, body power, stamina, and mobility-everything that is needed as a foundation for being a good runner and burn more calories. The reason, really should be to include circuit training as part of the exercise.

7 Point To Observe Before before you run circuit training

1. Distance traveled
2. Weight or weight training
3. Variety of weight and light between post
4. digging muscles (large muscles, small muscles, lower body muscles)
5. Exercise time exercise
6. Drilled physical parts (eg speed or agility)
7. Repetition exercise

burn more calories

Here’s an exemplary circuit training exercise

Heading 1: Skipping rope (skipping), 20-40 seconds.
Heading 2: Shuffle run 3-5 meters, 6-8 times.
Heading 3: Pushup, 6-10 times.
Heading 4: Situp, 10-15 times.
Heading 5: Reserve, 15-20 times.
Heading 6: Lunges, with or without additional load, 10 times.
Heading 7: Sumo squat, with or without additional load, 10-15 times.
Move from one post to another without rest. Do it 1-2 times a week.

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